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        416 East D Street
        Petaluma, CA 94952
        (707) 769-7208
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        Event Planning Services
        Be a guest at your own event!

        In designing your event we always include menu planning and food styling as part of our service.  We are also always happy to share our experiences from the hundreds of weddings and parties we have catered and planned; we love to brain storm new ideas to make a party pop.  Just try and stop us!

        Menu Planning & Food Styling - Menus are planned to match the cuisine to the event, to each other, and to your tastes.  We will consider ethnic and dietary needs, the requirements imposed by the location (is there an oven?), and personal desires (favorites, vegetarian, heart healthy..).  We can style the cuisine and presentation to set the mood and fit a theme, to explore the latest trends or work with your traditions.  This is always included in our meetings

        Event Advice - We happily provide this in addition to our catering services.  If you have general questions about how to plan an event, or need suggestions for other event professionals. simply ask during our meetings or send us an email anytime.  There is never a charge for this.

        a table setting

        Rentals & Event Layout
        - We provide all the rentals you need from plates and forks to tents and dance floors.  In our meeting we will discuss all the options and have many samples of the rentals and photos of past events to help us develop the look and feel of your event.  It's even likely we know your venue and can advise you on the layout before we even visit the site.
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        Event Planner - Event planning is the entire process of setting up an event from selecting and negotiating with the various service providers you will need, to planning the theme or style of the event, to coordinating all of these activities on the day of the event, to keeping the schedule of event at the ceremony site and the reception site.  If you would like this service, we are happy to recommend someone we have worked with previously.
        a seating vignette

        Event Décor - Larger events are increasingly having décor items and special seating vignettes with couches and coffee tables out on the lawn or under the trees.  We can advise you on the cost and practicality of these items, recommend a good service, or make the arrangements for you.