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        416 East D Street
        Petaluma, CA 94952
        (707) 769-7208
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        Nibbles and Bites
        The following selections are created for the eye and the palate as both a focal point for your event and as an uninterrupted selection of nibbles. These displays are often used when entertaining large groups.
        Due to the quantity needed for presentations the price is based on a minimum of 50 guests.

        Gastro Pub
        A wonderful tasting of our favorite charcuterie and more.
        The Chef's selection of salami, prosciutto and chicken liver mousse,
        with local artisan cheeses, our own special pickles, accompaniments and crusty breads.
        A great pairing with beer or wine.

        $11.00 per person

        Farmer's Market Crudités
        A selection of fresh young vegetables varying from Baby Zucchini and Carrots
        to Sugar Snap Peas and Bell Peppers. For a just picked from the garden look.
        Served with our Roasted Onion Dipping Sauce.

        $5.75 per person

        Sonoma County Bounty Display
        A bountiful tasting of favorite local artisan and farmstead cheeses accompanied by a seasonal assortment of fruits,
        with sliced baguette and crackers. Selections such as Point Reyes Blue, Redwood Hills Goat,
        and award winners from Humboldt Fog, Spring Hill Farms and many more
        $8.75 per person

        Italian Bread Dipping Station
        Crusty French Bread Chunks with Olive Oil & Roasted Garlic,
        Traditional Pesto, and Red Pepper Pesto. Perfect for that added nibble.

        $4.35 per person

        Our take on the traditional Italian opener to any meal.
        Classic Italian Dry Cured Salami, Provolone and Garlic Jack Cheeses, Pepperoncini
        and Roasted Peppers, with Country Marinated Olives, Balsamic Mushrooms, and
        Artichoke Hearts accompanied by Crusty Italian Bread.

        $9.30 per person

        A Trio of Brie
        A selection of Pesto Topped Brie, Blue Cheese Stuffed Brie,
        and Apricot Glazed Brie. Served with Summer Fresh Strawberries
        and Grapes and an Assortment of Crackers

        $4.65 per person

        Mediterranean Mezze
        Classic Hummus, Kalamata Tapenade, Roasted Pepper Pesto
        with toasted Pita Points and Flatbreads.

        $4.30 per person
        Big Bite Bars

        Hearty fare presented as hors d'oeuvres. Good, filling and fun they are great additions when the
        hors d'oeuvres are substituting for a meal or as snacks when your guests are dancing late
        into the night and would welcome an extra bite to eat.
        Due to the quantity needed for presentations the price is based on a minimum of 50 guests.

        Classic Swiss Cheese, Indian Curry,
        Italian Pesto, Asian Peanut, Chocolate Ganaché
        Choose one to five fondues and all the fixings for a warm and filling addition.

        $9.20 per person per fondue

        Street Tacos
        Everything you need to make your perfect mini tacos. Red Chili Beef, Chicken Adobo,
        Chili Verde Pork with mini tortillas, salsas, cilantro, tomatoes and traditional crema.

        $9.75 per person

        Southern Slider Bar
        Everybody likes sliders and you will especially love them with
        our tri tip and hand shredded slow roasted pulled pork,
        with fresh mini-buns, coleslaw and caramelized onions.

        $7.80 per person

        Mashed Potato Bar
        Creamy buttermilk mashed potatoes with a topping bar of
        grated cheeses, sour cream, real bacon bits, sautéed mushrooms,
        and all the traditional favorites.

        $5.80 per person

        Piccolo Panini Bar
        Cigar Sized Gourmet Sandwiches
        Oven Roasted Turkey with Cranberries & Havarti
        Uncured Ham with Dijon & Gruyere
        Roasted Pepper & Tapenade

        $7.60 per person

        Flat Breads
        Warm flatbread pizzas with your choice of toppings. Try caramelized onions with
        parmesan and thyme, Chèvre with roasted grapes, or prosciutto with brie and tapenade.

        $8.20 per person
        Market Baskets

        We have put together these groups of fresh local products to create an abundant display
        to cover your hors d'oeuvre needs. These displays can be used as the starter to a dinner buffet
        or stand alone at an open house or evening event. Due to the quantity needed for presentations
        the price is based on a minimum of 50 guests.

        Sonoma Market Basket
        Created from the best local products, from artisan Sonoma and Marin County cheeses, to plentiful displays of fresh fruits and garden vegetables sourced from our regional farms, with hearty fresh baked breads and more. Grandly set as a culinary display that looks as wonderful as it tastes.
        $12.95 per person

        Rustic Sonoma Sampler
        The things we love to nibble, Salami, Prosciutto, Olives and local artisan and farmstead cheeses such as Point Reyes Blue, Redwood Hills Goat, and award winners from Humboldt Fog, Spring Hill Farms and many more. Served with Fruit, House made spreads, Baguettes, Crackers and Breadsticks
        $11.00 per person

        Sonoma Coast Oyster Bar
        Local Tomales Bay Oysters (seasonal)
        Served Raw with Classic spicy cocktail Sauce, Mignonette, & Fresh lemon wedges
        Or from the Grill with BBQ sauce and garlic butter

        Seasonal Pricing
        Table Toppers

        These distinctive displays are designed to be center pieces or
        added as the central item to our other hors d'oeuvres selections.
        Each Serves 25 to 30

        Roasted Garlic Baked Brie
        A golden brown crust encases warm Brie with the gentle flavor of Roasted Garlic.
        Served with Crackers and sliced Baguette.


        Smoked Salmon Platter with Classic Sides
        Thinly sliced side of Smoked Salmon with Capers, Red Onion, Tomatoes and more,
        with our Spicy Horseradish and Sour Cream.
        Served with our Seeded Flatbread.


        Crab, Brie, and Avocado Tostada
        A wheel of Brie topped with shelled Crab meat and Fresh Avocados.
        Served with Blue and Yellow Tortilla Chips. That perfect Mexican accent.


        The cost may vary with the season and your events particular requirements.
        Rental pieces and service staff are not included and will vary depending on your need