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        416 East D Street
        Petaluma, CA 94952
        (707) 769-7208
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        Big Bite Bars
        Hearty fare presented as hors d'oeuvres.  Good, filling and fun they are great additions when the hors d'oeuvres are substituting for a meal or as snacks when your guests are dancing late into the night and would welcome an extra bite to eat. Due to the quantity needed for presentations the price is based on a minimum of 50 guests.

        Classic Swiss Cheese, Indian Curry,
        Italian Pesto, Asian Peanut, Chocolate Ganaché
        Choose one to five fondues and all the fixings
        for a warm and filling addition.
        $9.20 per person per fondue

        Street Tacos
        Everything you need to make your perfect mini
        tacos. Red Chili Beef, Chicken Adobo,
        Chili Verde Pork with mini tortillas,
        salsas, cilantro, tomatoes and traditional crema.
        $7.80 per person

        Southern Slider Bar
        Everybody likes sliders and you will especially
        love them with our tri tip and
        hand shreddedslow roasted pulled pork,
        with fresh mini-buns, coleslaw and caramelized onions.
        $7.80 per person

        Mashed Potato Bar
        Creamy buttermilk mashed potatoes with a topping
        bar of grated cheeses, sour cream, real bacon bits,
        sautéed mushrooms, and all the traditional favorites.
        $5.80 per person

        Piccolo Panini Bar
        Cigar Sized Gourmet Sandwiches
        Oven Roasted Turkey with Cranberries & Havarti
        Uncured Ham with Dijon & Gruyere
        Roasted Pepper & Tapenade
        $7.60 per person

        Flat Breads
        Warm flatbread pizzas with your choice of
        toppings. Try caramelized onions with parmesan
        and thyme, Chèvre with roasted grapes, or
        prosciuttowith brie and tapenade.
        $8.20 per person