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        416 East D Street
        Petaluma, CA 94952
        (707) 769-7208
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        High Tea
        A classic event with modern trends.
        Plan your event for early afternoon and enjoy

        Classic Finger Sandwiches
        Cucumber with Parsley Butter
        Dill Chicken Salad
        Roast Beef with Horseradish
        Scallion Biscuits with Grav Lox
        Classic Watercress
        Classic Egg Salad
        Deviled Ham

        Finger Foods
        Dijon Deviled Eggs
        Chilled Asparagus Tips with Lemon Mayonnaise

        Orange Currant

        Petite Pastries
        Cherry Cordial Tarts
        Petite Shortbreads
        Lemon Tarts
        Pecan Bars

        Chef’s Recommendation $31.95 per person
        Selection of 3 Finger Sandwiches (6 pieces per person),
        Deviled Eggs, Asparagus Tips, 1 Type of Scone,
        plus 3 Types of Petite Pastries.

        Tea Service Not Included

        Rental pieces and service staff are not included
        and will vary depending on your need.