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        416 East D Street
        Petaluma, CA 94952
        (707) 769-7208
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        Set & Go Lunch Menu
        Quick and Easy

        Breakfast / Brunch / Lunch
        (minimum 20 guests)

        Classic Brunch
        Scrambled Eggs
        with Bacon or Sausage
        Fresh Fruit Salad
        Oven Baked Home Fries
        Fresh Baked Pastries
        Juice and Coffee
        $21.25 per person

        Southwest Brunch
        Green Chili & Sonoma Jack Frittata
        Santa Fe Chicken with Fresh Warm Tortillas
        Lime and Cumin Black Beans
        Fresh Baked Pastries
        Juice & Coffee
        $21.25 per person

        Quiche Brunch
        Choice of
        Ham & Swiss
        Quiche Lorraine
        Spinach and Mushroom
        Asparagus and Caramelized Onions
        Carved Ham with Petite Rolls
        Fresh Fruit Salad
        Sonoma Baby Greens with Dried Cranberries and Pralines in a Raspberry Vinaigrette
        Assorted Pastries & Muffins
        Juice & Coffee
        $24.85 per person

        Bodega Brunch
        Smoked Salmon Frittata
        Nicoise Potato Salad
        Sonoma Baby Greens with Fresh Orange Slices in a Cranberry Citrus Vinaigrette
        Chicken Apple Sausages
        Assorted Pastries & Muffins
        Juice & Coffee
        $28.50 per person

        If you are looking for a staffed brunch, please call
        so we can create your menu, and discuss staff and rentals.